No more BOOM-BOOM for this mama-san



I'd like to get a sub for my B&W speaker set.
It seems natural to get a B&W sub in the same colour because it looks cool and should be good quality.
However I live in Finland and Hi-Fi stuff is really expencive here.

The B&W ASW 600 Subwoofer is 580€ :mad:

Anyone got some feedback for me if this is worth the money or if I could get something reasonable good for less money?
I think 580€ is much!

Until then, no more BOOM-BOOM for this mama-san.


So far I've got:
602 S3
601 S3


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Hi Test005.,

I have 603s3, LCR60 and 600s3 rears. I had been looking for a decent sub and managed to pick up a 2nd hand REL Q100e on a good deal. Have you considered going 2nd hand where you can get much more for your money?


"REL", is that a brandname, or is it short for something?

Not really thought about going second hand, I'm new to this AV stuff and also I have just moved here to Finland. I don't speak the language and haven't too many contacts within the hi-fi world that can hook me up with something used.

Where would I find second hand stuff?
Are stores usually trading in hi-fi gear to resell or?


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