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ok here goes, my parents have given us their television as they cant get on with it, it is only about a year old and it is a Samsung SP42W4, we have only had it about a month and now we are having a problem with it, well a home made problem realy, my wife went up stairs to have a shower and did not put the shower curtain inside the bath and so consequentley the water has gone over the side of the bath and has come through the ceiling and onto the back of the TV, the T.V. turned itself off and i unplugged it as soon as i realised what happened, have taken the back off (i know im not supposed to do that :nono:) and dried every thing off as far as i can see, i have tried to turn it on again and it works ..... except the sound :confused: will this come back on once it has dried out propperly? the red light on the front also started flashing at me and the picture went again? any thoughts please.

thanks Tony


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the best way to make sure the inside is fully dry is to unplug the tv, take the back off and use a hairdryer to give everything a good waft of warm air for a while. :thumbsup:


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warm air not hot as you dont want to melt any components,
also double check once ur done, a slight bit of water or damp caus caus a fire..........

so better be safe then sorry.........:rolleyes:

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