No IR control from TV in second room?

David Chapman

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Just moved house.

All living/bedrooms have a coax wall point.
In the loft is a Labgear HDU-681 inherited from the last house owner, instructions here:
All eight outputs presumably go to the room wall points.
The only other connection is to "Up Link In" which I presume to be the feed to it.


In the lounge is a coax wall point in one corner, and in another corner two sat cables from the dish and an extra coax cable ending in a roving coax socket. The cable to this socket goes out the wall and back in where the first coax wall point is. I'm guessing it's effectively an extension to that wall point.

What I want to do is connect my Humax HDR-1100S via HDMI out to a Triax MOD103T modulator (yet to be purchased), then output from that via RF to the Labgear distribution amp and onward to all rooms.
In those rooms a magic eye will control the Humax box via the Triax modulator's IR emitter.

Before buying the Triax modulator I thought I'd test the routing with my Humax Foxsat-HDR and Triax Tri-Link.
This is a system I've used before for many years.
Tri-Link nstructions:

I connected the Foxsat SCART out to the Tri-Link SCART in; the Tri-Link RF2 9v out to the roving coax cable; and the Tri-Link IR emitters to the Tri-Link.

In another room I tuned my LG 55B8 to channel 32 (as set on the Tri-Link) and got a fuzzy Foxsat picture.
I couldn't find an analogue tuner on the B8 (I know it has one), just aerial channel tuning which I set to manual to tune channel 32 in.

I aimed the Foxsat control at the magic eye connected into the B8's aerial input from the coax wall point but no change of channel. The light on the magic eye was on. I checked that the Humax control works the Foxsat directly, and that the channel changes in the other room. Yes to both.

I'd already phoned Labgear (Philex) to check the HDU has IR return and it does. They advised also the HDU has 9v power and I queried if I should also use the 9v powered RF2 from the Tri-Link, to which they said yes.

So, why can't I change channel from the other room? Why is the picture fuzzy (not just SD fuzzy, really fuzzy)?

Perhaps the HDU is not compatible? If so, why not? If it's no good, what 8 way distribution amp should I use with the Triax MOD103T, or is there a better choice for both modulator and distribution amp?

Many thanks for any help.

David Chapman

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Sorted. Loose coax connection. Now I have IR control from all rooms.
Also, on my Sony KDL-32WE613 the picture looks normal, not fuzzy (still fuzzy on LG 55B8) and I'm guessing this is because the LG struggles to deal with an analogue picture more than the Sony. Also the larger screen size would emphasise any distortion.

Seb Briggs

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The signal is actually digital , as in Digital freeview HD. The Sony should be able to cope so could just be a setting on the Sony or a channel overlap issue

Do you have a photo of "fuzzy"

David Chapman

Active Member
This isn't about Freeview, it's about the RF out of the Humax to the Triax Tri-link. That sends mono sound, and I thought it was an analogue signal, but what do I know!

Seb Briggs

Distinguished Member
I understand about freeview i was just explaining how the signal is picked up ie in the same way as the tuner picks up freeview channels, but sorry, missed that you were trying it out with the analogue Triax tri-Link first. However i'm surprised that the LG55 works at all as it doesnt seem to have an analogue tuner just a digital one.

Using the Digital modulator will use the digital tuners on both TVs, so you will get HD quality in the same way as Freeview HD.

Seb Briggs

Distinguished Member
Ok, probably as you say just a rubbish analogue tuner .

upgrade to digital modulator hopefully will solve the issue as well as better quality image on both TVs

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