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Ok I am desperate now, I've searched the forums high and low, searched the online stores, and in town, and have no idea which AIO is best for me.

I currently have a LG HT752TH, and although its alright, its bass heavy, and speakers often howl or vibrate on higher sounds, I'm just not 100% happy with it, its also fussy what it plays.

I know I need extra Optical Cables, and a HDMI switcher for my equipment, but here is whats being hooked to the home cinema via optical cables, I already have an optical switcher so thats cool.

XBOX - Optical
SKY HDTV - Optical
PS3 - Optical

However this is my dilemma, my budget is at the very most £400, and the misses is moaning now as she is expecting me to have picked my home cinema, when I clearly am still at square one lol. My requirments are this:

1) Must be AIO I dont have the room for seperates
2) Require 1 Optical connection for my optical switch & HDMI
3) Must be multi region - or easily hacked without buying extras
4) Have adjustable bass
5) Be good reliable system
6) Must have Tallboys and be 5.1

If anyone can help I am very grateful

I picked several I liked the look of in comet, but read bad reviews, I also chose some Sony models but found out they are region locked, and require money to be spent to unlock.


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Here's a few I was thinking about but unsure if they are ideal, pleaseeee help me! lol

1) Samsung HT-TZ315
2) Pioneer DCS 580
3) Panasonic SC-PT860EB-K
4) Sony DAVDZ660 (Although it is region locked)
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Have a look at the htsf1300 mate. Seems to meet your criteria, although i'm not sure if by "must be multi region" you mean you want one with a dvd player?

In any case, dvd player systems are best avoided imho - lack of inputs, can't get rid of or change the dvd player without losing your surround system, and as you have a ps3 you already have a really good upscaling dvd player / blu ray player in that.

The htsf1300 also takes lpcm over hdmi, meaning hd audio from blu rays on your ps3, as it can decode all audio formats, including dolby true hd / dts hd ma, and output as uncompressed audio (linear pcm) over hdmi.

Hope that helps :smashin:


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Could I play everything via HDMI though if I wanted? on the HTSF1300? also does it have optical connections available, and bass control?

If I did take the seperates route, what stand alone DVD player would you suggest for this system? and how would it connect to this HTSF amp?


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Yep it meets all your criteria bar the "multi region" one - as it doesn't have a dvd player.

It's an all in one but it's an amp & speakers system.

It's 5.1ch, tallboys, inputs are 3 hdmi, 2 optical, 1 digital coax, and a few rca phono. It has adjustable bass / treble, as well as preset "soundfields".

It will accept and decode bitstream dd and dts over hdmi, optical, and digital coax. It'll also take uncompressed audio (linear pcm) over hdmi - meaning hd audio from blu ray players with onboard decoding of hd audio, such as ps3.

Why not use your ps3 as your dvd player? It's an excellent upscaling dvd player, and it would mean one less piece of equipment...

Your connections would be:
ps3 to amp with hdmi for video and audio
skyhd to amp with optical for audio
skyhd to amp or tv with hdmi for video
xbox360 to amp with optical for audio
amp to tv with hdmi to carry video on to tv

if you bought a standalone dvd player how you'd connect it would depend on what it's audio output is: hdmi / optical etc.
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Wicked, I am really into this idea now, about the PS3 though, its region locked, and I have a lot of Korean DVDs Region 1 etc.

So any Standalone suggestions? for around £50 - £100, not looking for Blu Ray either, but HD connection is must


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Also not purchased PS3 yet its a future investment lol, but here is what I was thinking, would these connections work? We have a Wii aswell.......A 3 way optical switcher, and I am ordering a 3 way HDMI switch box.

1) 3Way Optical Switcher - Amp
2) 3Way HDMI Switcher - TV
3) Wii - Component (TV) - Phono (Amp)
4) XBOX 360 - HDMI Switcher 1 (TV) - Optical Switcher 1 (Amp)
5) PS3 - HDMI Switcher 2 (TV) - Optical Switcher 2 (Amp)
6) Sky HD - HDMI Switcher 3 (TV) - Optical Switcher 3 (Amp)

Thats all my Switchers full, but the TV has 1 extra HDMI

7) Amp - HDMI (TV)
8) Standalone DVD Player - HDMI (Amp)

This is me guessing the Amp will display video and sound via HDMI? and play the DVD through it? if not then Im guessing #8 would be........

8) Standalone DVD Player - HDMI (TV) - Optical (Amp Direct)

Please confirm this for me so I can tally up what cables I am short of, if my initial assessment is correct, I need to buy 4 HDMI Cables and 2 Optical Cables
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You don't need the HDMI switcher if you go for the 1300, it has three HDMI inputs and one output, so can act as a switch for you.

Colspark has already given you the connection method, I would only add, that if you have a Xbox with HDMI, then that can go to the amp with HDMI, you won't need the optical connection, as the Xbox can transmit video and 5.1 audio over HDMI.

In fact thinking about it you won't need the optical switch either, as with PS3 and Xbox both being connected via HDMI to the amp for both audio and video, you only need the optical connection for skyHD.

To make it clear why you need the optical connection for SkyHD despite it having HDMI, SkyHD only transmits stereo over HDMI, for 5.1 surround you need to use optical (or digital coax) connection.

To summarise it would be:

Xbox and PS3 and DVD to Amp via HDMI.
SkyHD HDMI to tv and optical to amp.
Amp to TV via HDMI.


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Would this work though? I mean:

"To summarise it would be:

Xbox and PS3 and DVD to Amp via HDMI.
SkyHD HDMI to tv and optical to amp.
Amp to TV via HDMI."

There you have 3 devices going to the amps 3 x HDMI, but how does the Amp to go the TV? At bottom you say Via HDMI? so does that mean the Amp has 4 HDMI? or is this 4th HDMI built into the system? If not, then I am still 1x HDMI short.

"it has three HDMI inputs and one output"

Ah just read this, so the output is in effect the 4th I was looking for? and this would be where the TV is connected right?

Hmm very interesting, so this would save a fair bit of cash as I have not bought the switcher yet.....

Then I think its the Sony HTSF1300 and Toshiba XDE500/Onkyo SP406 Combo....which is the next question, would the Toshiba, or the Onkyo go better with this Sony Amp? or would you guys advise a totally differant DVD Player? as in my other thread, the only requirments, are multi region and HDMI, upscaling would be nice too, max £100 budget.

I am wondering one thing though, of the Amp goes to the TV via HDMI, and all those things connect to it, does that mean the amp will be my primary device, that displays everything? I didnt know these amps displayed video lol, so I would stick the amp on, and get some kind of OSD on my screen? then go from there using the remote right?

Sorry for all the questions, any answers appreciated, asap as I was going to order the Switcher today, but if I dont need it thats fantastic.

My only remaining problem would be where the heck to find the Sony HTSF1300 in stock lol, have it for £300 but out of stock, but I would prefer to go buy it same day from town, but nowhere seems to sell it.
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Yes the amp has 4 HDMI ports (3 inputs and 1 output). Inputs are for your sources (PS3, xbox, DVD) output is to your display.

The SF1300 is really more of a AV receiver than other All in ones, as it does handle video as well as audio. So yes it does become the hub of your system, with it being required to be on when you want to watch PS3, Xbox and DVD. You could still watch/listen to Skyhd without it being on, as that has a direct connection to the TV in your proposed setup.


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Thats amazing, and I have heard (no pun intended) that the sound is amazing, and with adjustable bass its even more awesome. the fact I can buy a multi region player for this just completes it nicely.

Thanks very much for your help, and last 2 questions.

1) Where can I buy this Sony other than online? any retailers stock them? if not then what about online for fast delivery? is out of stock.

2) Any suggestions as to Multi Region DVD Player?, upto now Toshiba XDE500 is winning lol, I never heard of Onkyo brand though


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I'm afraid I will have to leave your suppliers question to other members as I'm not sure, presumably any Sony Dealers and possibly Richer Sounds?

The DVD question will probably be more appropriate in the DVD players subforum and my DVD player is 4 years old so not really up to date on latest models.

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