No headphone jack on TV, play Xbox audio


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So I don't have a headphone jack on my TV but I made a temporary one by just putting a RCA to headphone adapter on my Xbox R/L audio cables and plugging my headphones into the adapter.

The problem is that I can't adjust the volume of the sound coming out of my headphones because the sound isn't coming from my TV, it's coming from my Xbox so it's stuck at a constant volume.

I tried using some 2 to 1 splitter and couldn't find a solution. So currently I'm just stuck with a unchangable volume...

Any help?



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Have a look on ebay at the cheap Fiio amps which can be had for less than £20. Certainly noy audiophile quality but may help to solve your problem.


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You need a headphone amp (or integrated stereo amp) with line level inputs.

Richer Sounds do one for £30 (Btech BT928). Not sure how good it sounds but it will definitely get the job done.

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