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Hi. i have i panasonic ae100 projector ,yamaha ax1 amp and tosh 210 dvd player of none with hdmi.. Is there anyone out there that can tell me of a convetor on the market that will convert video signals to hd signals >>Macky :)


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HD as in high definition? You cant convert a Standard Definition picture to a high definition picture by simply using a converter.

You can use a scaler to upscale SD picture from a DVD player to 720p or 1080i. Its still not true HD though. Just an upscaled SD picture.

HDMI is just a conection found in newer products. Its a digital conection used for upscaling DVD players (like say the Denon 3910) that convert the SD pic to HD.
And on newer technology like Blu Ray and HD DVD.

If you use a scaler you can probably still use the same equipment you have, but im not really sure.

It also depends on what kind of conections your projector has.


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Hi Macky
You don't need hdmi.
Your pj has a 852x480 res so you will best feeding it a 480p or 576p (progressive) signal.

It will accept both 720p & 1080i via VGA and component connections but for dvd's you are best off 480p or 576p.

To start off with I would connect your 210 via component and feed it 480i or 576i (interlaced). Then at a later date if you upgrade to a prog scan dvd player you can feed it a progressive signal (480p or 576p).


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