Question No HDMI on amp so will a HDMI to digital audio splitter work?


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I have a Yamaha receiver which has no HDMI inputs but does have 2 component video in & 1 out plus 2 optical audio and 1 co-ax audio connections.
This is what I want to connect to it:
1 x HD PVR with 1 HDMI out & 1 optical audio out.
1 x Blu-ray player with 1 HDMI out & 1 co-ax audio out.
1 x HD TV with 2 HDMI & 1 component video inputs and 1 optical audio out.​

I currently have a HDMI switch with the HDMI from the Blu-ray and Humax connected to the switch inputs and the HDMI output from the switch to the TV HDMI input. Audio is just connected by optical from the TV to the receiver.

This seems to give a reasonable surround sound from all sources but I can't help thinking it could be better as I'm not sure whether having all audio go through the TV's optical output gives the best sound.

I'm considering getting a HDMI to optical/co-ax/audio converter to split the audio from the HDMI.
This would have the HDMI connected the same as the existing switch but the audio would be separated with each source connected directly to the converter. This would also reduce cable runs.

My questions about this are:
  1. Do they actually work?
  2. Are they like HDMI cables where cheap ones are just as good as dear ones? I've seen prices from under £20 to over £200 for what looks like the same thing!
  3. As audio bypasses the TV will this produce any discernible difference to the sound?
Any help would be appreciated please.

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Why don't you just connect the HDMI sources to the TV via HDMI and the Optical outputs from the sources to the amplifier.

If the HDMI cables are certified as High Speed the video/audio quality will be the same whether they are £2 or £2000

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TV Optical - many TV's will limit you to Inputting 2.0 via HDMI which then limits you to Outputting 2.0 via Optical.

Sources - as Seb points out use an Optical or Coaxial cable from each Source direct to the AVR.

HDMI to Optical Splitter/Converter - there is no benefit in adding another device to your system, the direct method above is the ideal connectivity for you.

HDMI to Optical Splitter/Converter - no they are not all created equal, but as above they are not required in your system.



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Thanks for your replies Seb & Joe.

If I connect audio direct from source to AVR as you suggest I assume I'll still need the optical connection from the TV to the AVR to get sound from the telly? Is that correct?

To connect HDMI from both the blu-ray and the PVR direct to the TV will require another HDMI cable which, due to where the existing cables run, will be a real pain to do! However, the existing HDMI switch works fine so there's no reason why I can't use that again, is there? The picture is 1080p so the switch obviously doesn't have any affect on quality.

Joe Fernand

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TV Audio - yes you'll require a cable from the TV to the Amp.

Sources - HDMI via the Switch will be fine.


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