No HD Channels!?


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Hi all. I re tuned my TV now I have no HD Channels 101-105?? It’s a communal Ariel
Make sure your cabling is secure. Try the return again. If you still have no HD channels then by a process of deduction there's something wrong with the aerial and you'll need to speak to whoever manages it.


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Hi thanks I was thinking the same now after trying everything else. I’ll let the bad weather subside and try again and then contact the Housing Association about the communal ariel. I doubt I will get much help from them!


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Check with neighbours - is their reception OK?
Use the BBC's tool to check for known transmitter faults Problems with Freeview reception? | Help receiving TV and radio
If none, then:

DO go over your aerial cables and connections - dodgy leads are the most common issue.
Try alternative fly-leads if of the moulded variety

DO disconnect any hdmi cables from the TV and the device(s) connected to them as cross-interference between hdmi and aerial cables can give the same results.
(Keeping hdmi and aerial cables as far apart as possible is wise and may be all that's needed if you're lucky).


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Thanks. I literally had all the HD channels one minute then pulled out the Ariel to do something for one minute then they all disappeared. I don’t have any HDMI leads at all. Neighbours will not be helpful as either very old or not quite there upstairs! Also I think if I hadn’t pulled out the Ariel then they would still be there on my menu so neighbours have probably all still got them.


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It is a pity you retuned because you lost the channels, that is the very last thing you should do, as often said here. Now, if the signal returns, you will never know without continually retuning.


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100% worth the time to check the TV aerial socket and plug are properly inserted and to try a different fly lead cable.

Almost certainly you've caused a connection problem and the loss is the result.

IF the TV plug is a hand-made type, check it out fully: re-make the cable to plug connection.
Wiring up plugs, aerials and wall plates - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials

Then try a retune again.

Cable connectors and leads - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials shows the difference between good and bad fly leads.

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