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I have had a Samsung 50" plasma rigged up in the lounge. It is rigged directly to a digital aerial and too Sky tv. I have recently installed a 32" Lg in our conservatory. I have installed a splitter I bought from screwfix and run a cable from the aerial to the conservatory. Oddly I can receive Hd freeview channels in the living room but not on the lg in the conservatory. Why would this be so?

Advice appreciated,thanks.


what sort of splitter is it ? you might just be halfing the original signal .

there isa bit more as to why in a thread i started here.
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I can see a possible problem.
Splitters are not 'proffesional' or HD.
Since it appears to be a six way splitter and, going by your description, only two outputs are beign used you have a combination of signal loss because of the splitter, signal loss on the conservatory cable and distortion of the signal due to unterminated outputs on the splitter.
I suggest you buy a splitter with only the outputs you need which will help with the first and third points.
Finally it sounds as if you are adding the Sky RF output through one of the splitter connections. If so then you are broadcasting this through your aerial which can interfere with any signals on the same frequency.


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Hi all,

Thanks for replays so far.

JohnScarlet - I have gone out today and purchased the unit you quoted above. Have fitted it in place of the splitter. I have also turned the gain up and still no HD channels???? The transmitter I am using is the one at Sandy in Beds.

Trollslayer - I have no Sky feed involved here in the conservatory. I have the aerial fed straight into the now newly purchased Labgear Variable Gain Masthead Amp Kit 4-Way | and a cable running directly from the out to the amplifier. Gain turned up and still no HD channels.

Anyone able to add any further advice. Thanks again.



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Have you tried the LG in the lounge on a direct feed from the aerial? Does it get the channels then?

Are you sure the LG has a DVB-T2 tuner, needed for Freeview HD? Model No might help?


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Hi All,

I am a complete muppet. The TV is full HD 1080p but the Freeview is not HD.......I will get my coat. Thanks for the advice though.

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