No HD Audio light with Sony STR-DH810 and Sony BDP S370


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I have a Sony STR-DH810 and Sony BDP S370 paired together.

I can't get the DTS-HD Master audio lights to come on the receiver (or any HD audio lights for that matter)

It always shows: LPCM [48]

I've read another thread about similar problems but I have tried to set the receiver to

HDMI > Audio Out > AMP

To no avail.

My Blu-Ray player is set to:

Audio HDMI: Auto (tried PCM as well)

I gather it must be sending the decoded signal as LPCM to the receiver but how do I work round this and get the HD audio lights to come on the receiver?

Here is the thread that didn't help unfortunately.


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Well I fixed it.

BD AUDIO MIX setting (set whether to mix interactive audio and output) must be off. I guess the interactive audio can't be sent down the same pipe as the HD audio codec as it wouldn't decode properly, so it has to go as LPCM.


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Same problem but not quite fixed for me.

I went into the BR player and set the BD AUDIO MIX to OFF and did not get the "DTS LPCM" to come up, just the LPCM, also the 3D signal was not being sent through to the TV.

Could it be that the cable I have is not HDMI 1.4 and unable to take the DTS HD data flow??

However, on the remote if I click the Blu Ray input, get no picture BUT it does come up DTS LPCM!!!


Think need to try a 1.4 spec HDMI cable, but if I turn off the BD AUDIO MIX will the 3D signal still get through???


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Think need to try a 1.4 spec HDMI cable

There's no such thing. Existing/older HDMI cables work with HDMI version 1.4 interfaces. The cables do not alter with every incarnation of the specifications. The specifications are relating to the interface and not the cables. There are two types of cable, high speed and standard. If you require 1080p then a high speed HDMI cable is recommended. Your existing HDMI cable(s) are in all probability already up to the task at hand ;)


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Did you fix this ? i have a similar problem i have BDP-S370 and a Sony HTS-SS100 Home Theater System connected via HDMI. I get 5.1 Sound but no DTS

BD Audio Mix is switched off and so is Audio (HDMI) is set to PCM.


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I found the problem to be the Sony amp had switched the audio setting from 'Amp' to 'Tv + Amp'.

The tv won't accept DTS through HDMI, which is why the amp's handshake through HDMI was restricted to not accept DTS.

By switching the amp audio setting back to 'Amp' only, the problem was solved.

I pressed Amp menu on the remote.

Scroll down to HDMI on the amp's display.

Press enter

Scroll down to Audio Out

Press enter

Then scroll to Amp (not Tv + Amp)

Hope that works for you!

Chris Hawkins

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A huge thank you to Ryu for the post above - spent weeks trying to solve this. No idea how it managed to switch itself to TV+AMP, but now it's back to AMP and working just fine :)

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