No haircuts for weeks

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I was thinking about having a number 2 on my head, but if I don't get the angle right, it could be messy.


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I joined the Wahl clipper club years ago. Not seen a barber since. Honestly it is easy. I do it myself and the wife just tidies up the neck-line.

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Half a dozen haircuts, its paid for itself.
Same for me, splashed out on some expensive Babyliss clippers about 8 years ago (were about £75 at the time) ... have probably saved me best part of £1k in that time and still going strong


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Ordered a pair of clippers a week ago wife used me to practice her first haircut on and then my son, turned out really good to the extent that I’m not embarrassed to go out food shopping. No more expensive haircuts for us :)


I am in the same position, i am contemplating getting rid of all my hair. Its too long and i do not see barbers opening for maybe another 6 weeks.
Perhaps we should have a bit of fun and have a live group AVForums head shave :) I could make my video conference system available. We could have 256 participants at the same time 😂


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I’ve just ordered all I need for my hair cutting needs for the next few months.


I’ve recently cut my beard right down, not sure whether I’ll be growing it back out or not.


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I got some old clippers which i shave with (dont like clean shave). I already need a haircut, so keep threatening to crop it all off to a no. 4 or something, the mrs isn't happy about it though.


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I think that we should include before and after photos of your heads whether you decide to cut yourself with the likely amusing results or just leave it to grow until the crisis is over and you can go to a professional to get it cut which is what I will be doing.

Peace man.


I have a grade .5 all over, surprisingly hair grows quite quick and you notice it more when its shorter, if I can't get to a hairdressers within the next week my head will look like a microphone


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Don't reference my picture but i have 3 sets, mine, my brothers when he passed and a set I found outside a hairdresser's but no one claimed. I to do it mysef with my wife doing the tidying up bit.

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