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Hi. I have moved into new home (approx two years old) and have plugged my TV into the aerial socket in the lounge, auto scanned for channels but am only picking up standard definition, no HD channels are listed in the guide.

I've no idea where the aerial is, can't see anything on the roof or attached to the outside.

Done a signal test and getting the results which I'll attach.

Anyone offer some advice?


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What make and model TV. Not all sets have -T2 tuners.

But 4 frequencies only suggests one (SD) or two (SD & HD) at least are missing (COM7 HD temp being another maybe on freq. ch 55, 746 MHz).

Check in the loft space for an aerial? Often new homes are left with cables coiled up but not connected to anything. If so that you are getting something on just the downlead means it should be easy to attach an aerial in the loft with good results?


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Thanks for the reply.

Location is Liverpool and my nearest transmitter is Winter Hill.

Found the aerial within the loft space, but haven't managed to get close enough to inspect yet.

TV is an LG 43UM7400.

Have purchased a signal booster device, will see if that helps, but disappointed that I can't pickup HD channels already. Same on the TV in the bedroom.


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That TV is a modern 4k one so will have a -T2 tuner.

Liverpool: (Cavern Club postcode):

Nearest transmitter is actually Storeton (on the Wirral) 7 km. SSW. 28, 25, 22, 23, 26, 30, , 43 (local) Vertically polarised signals.

Winter Hill is 40 km distant, NE. Horizontal.
32, 34, 35, 29, 31, 37, 55, 21 (local)
Reception of the temporary HD COM 7 on ch 55 is not predicted to be received at that postcode.

You have on the main set 32, 34, 31 and 21 only so it is Winter Hill you are receiving on that photographed TV set. Try adding the other three frequencies via manual tuning 29 & 37 sd plus 35 hd?

NB Amplifying a signal needs to be done as near the aerial as possible. Set back amplifiers may help or do nothing useful.

The no HD in Bedroom comment suggests that a splitter is involved in the loft space. Passive splitters lose at least half the aerial signal to each outlet. A powered (amplified) splitter will introduce a little gain, perhaps a powered splitter is in the loft but not switched on?

Perhaps a powered splitter in the loft is 'remote powered' and the previous occupant took the power supply in error? (Professional removers are often guilty of doing this in error.)

You'll need to visit the loft to take pictures to discover what is up there!

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