No DVI signal on LCD monitor


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for these questions but I'm hoping someone will help. I have a P4 computer and installed an nVidia GeForce 256MB graphics card in it some time ago. Recently I bought a Viewsonic v910b 19" LCD monitor.

Question 1:
When I connect the DVI output of the grahics card to the DVI input of the monitor, it gets no signal. The VGA connections work fine. I've selected digital input on the monitor but this has no effect. I've been through the settings for the graphics card but can't see anywhere that it asks to select the output. Have I got a faulty cable or am I missing something?

Question 2:
My nephew brought along a game to play on my computer. He had to select a lower resolution to play the game, yet on his computer which has a standard 64MB on board card, he doesn't have to reduce the resolution. Why is this? I would have thought that my card would be better.

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