No Drinking - No Smoking - Lots of the Other

Alasdair Mackay

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How many forum members are Tee Total, if any, for how long, any benefits, reasons. How do people view what you do. I am not interested if it is for religious reasons. I have been for two years and get ****** off with people calling me a nutter. I save £4000.00 per year by not smoking £2000.00 per year for not drinking. Thats my reason. I also feel a lot better health wise at 70 and still very active have not slowed up since I was 40. LOL


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there was a poll similar a while ago and lots are non drinkers, quite a staggering amount, i dont smoke but drink quite a bit on the weekends.


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tried quiting smoking a few times, easy enough while i am busy and at work, it's when i have time on my hands or sitting at a computer reading or watching tv, then i smoke way too much.

love wine and beer or cider, it saves me getting up to put the kettle on and make a brew everytime i want a refill. advocate resposible drinking, so make sure you are sober before getting behind the wheel..... you'll be surprised sometimes as to how much you've had to drink and how long it takes before you are 'properly' safe to drive.

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I don't smoke and never have. I do drink but only on rare occasions now. I couldn't really put an estimate on how much I save from not smoking as I've never done it to compare to. As for drinking I would estimate around £200 a month from my younger days.

However I'm sure I could smoke a few fags and down a pints a week for what I spend on gadgets and hi-fi per month!

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Never been a big drinker, although late teens/early 20s was out each weekend drinking and getting merry, not stupid drinking like these young filk do these days and get completely cream crackered. Although around 23/24 I started to get very violently ill from drinking, just a couple of pints would be enough to make me sick all night long, physically vommiting every hour or so, so I just stopped drinking and haven't missed any of it. Although these days I do have the odd pint, very very rarely though and could count on one hand what ive had in the last decade.

Don't smoke either, used to until a few months before our first born arrived in 2006, quite a heavy smoker too going through around 25-30 a day, but for a long while I just got sick and tired of smoking and out a 20 pack i'd perhaps only really enjoy 3 or 4, so on Good Friday I had my last ciggie and never looked back. Giving up isn't as hard as people make out either, you just have to want to do it, although my main motivation was I wanted to quit before my son was born and before I turned 30, both achieved!! These days though i'm the worst ex-smoker, really despise the things and cant stand to be anywhere near people smoking, even someone who's just had a fag makes me feel sick, the smell is horrendous!


Never smoked in my life, neither has my better half. But I do like a pint or two of real ale. Four pints is my maximum, usually on a Saturday night and I do like a glass of red wine now and again. The wife's tipple is Vodka. Like going to pubs that have a micro brewery attached, cook nice food and are civilised and allow dogs in.:thumbsup:


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Smoked, quit - horrible habit.

Drink - drink too much, I don't feel that I am an alcoholic, but I feel a drink too much (last week was 3 bottles of red wine over 3 separate nights), I do like wine, but I can't leave it at just a glass, I know it makes me tired, lethargic, grumpy, moody etc :( not drinking tonight which is very unusual, I want to be on form for a bike ride tomorrow :)


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20 a day 10 pints a week I'll see you all at the pearly gates first round is on me

Rock Danger

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Don't smoke or drink or take drugs. Stopped drugs......ummm... 16yrs ago, but it was just weed. Smoked for 20 yrs didn't drink much in my 20's but for most of my 30's. Haveny had smoke or drink for 3.5 yrs.

And it got to the point where I was starting to drink at 5:30pm every day. I was doing it initially to party, but it then became an excuse to deal with stress, to get over to sleep or to avoid anything unpleasant.

Which is all well and good, except it catches up with you and soon the hangovers are excruciating and you're blazing thru your cash, throwing up and looking like crap, being irrational / angry and well on your road to having a drinking problem.

So one day I quit both didn't look back, have saved kabillions, dropped my blood pressure and resting heart to that of 20 yr old. I feel fitter and clearer, but I don't condemn anyone for getting lit up or trashed etc - there's nothing worse than self-righteous non smoker / drinker. I can't have moderation I'm an all or nothing kinda guy so....

Alasdair Mackay

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Thanks for the comments chaps. So not many Teetotal members.


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tee-total for the last month or so :)


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I could drink alcoholic drinks but there's not many I like... so I just don't. Haven't had a drop for three+ years - not a reformed alcoholic just not a drinker.
I don't smoke either, wouldn't roll up a £5 note and set fire to it, smoking's no better.


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I just went out tonight for someone's birthday and I drove and had bottled water.

I do like a few drinks on a night out. However I can't moan about being a couple of stone overweight if I don't do anything about it. :)

Derek S-H

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Don't smoke.
Don't drink.
Don't eat meat.
Don't drink caffeine or carbonated stuff.

It's not just the financial cost, it's the physical one too which I feel is far more important.

I'm 48 and everyone I meet thinks I'm still in my 30's. That's nice, but the main reason I look after myself is about the quality of my life, not just the quantity.

Badminton, cycling and music are my vices and I am slowing down and my hearing (and eyesight) is deteriorating, why would I wish to hasten those processes?

But each to their own. I'm no health professional and I'm not here to tell anyone else how to live their life, but I know what feels right for me.



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Smokers ahoy!

Get on over to the ECig thread and get on board

I used to smoke 20-30 a day but haven't touched one in 3 months since getting into the ECigs.

Relatively small initial outlay, then a MINISCULE amount per month in maintenance items.

Loadsa money saved and improving health

Go on, try it, you know it makes sense!

Ned Senior

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smoke wayyyyyy too much .... 50 thin roll ups every 24 hours

never was much of a drinker and these days might drink half of larger once in a blue moon

laughed when I saw that 3 bottles red wine over 3 nights comment earlier..... that is not a problem believe me, my misses would drink 2 and a half of them in a night or 12 cans stella!!!!!

she is slowly cutting back, we have gone from 2 full recycle buckets of cans per week to a quarter of one now, it has taken 18 months since I have been on the scene mind BUT we are on it

need to get a grip with these fags tho tbh


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Never have smoked and other than trying a sip of different things over the years (usually from pressure from my Dad who hates that I don't drink) I don't drink alcoholic drinks - most I've ever tried was half a pint of cider about 20 years ago, which was almost tolerable but I hate the taste of alcoholic drinks and what it does to people, I just don't see the point of it. Strangely though I really like pubs but only when they're quiet - late evening in a busy pub where people are getting loud and in your face from downing loads of drink is my idea of hell. I grew out of going with friends to pubs at night in my early 20s.

My parents gave up smoking years ago but we lost one of my grandparents most likely because of smoking and drinking... so I'm not exactly likely to take either of those things up!


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gave up smoking about 18 months ago , will NEVER go back
don't drink , just not my thing.

boring really !


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kopchoir said:
20 a day 10 pints a week I'll see you all at the pearly gates first round is on me


Drugs (E, coke, LSD) (26 - 31) cigs normal (13 - 33), alcohol (lager - spirits - wine) (13 - ?) healthy? Very.

Vice is alcohol, i like to drink every night, a few too many as I like the way it relaxes me from running x2 setup companies. However in recent times since my waist rose another inch, I've cut drinking down to just Friday/Saturday.

From JD/Bacardi etc to just rose/white wine mixed with lemonade.

But I strongly believe if your names on his (death's) list your cards marked your going down, no matter how you look after yourself.

Deleted member 63670

Agree with you there, if your card is marked then no matter how healthy you are, it's gonna happen.

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