No Dolby Atmos all of a sudden ?


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I have a Denon 3600h which I use to power my media room my sources are a xboxs one s and a NVIDIA shield everything was working fine and then this morning suddenly I have no Atmos

When I bring up the info it says unknown sound source. If I try to use the remote to change it will play in stereo dtx 6 Ch stereo but not Dolby Atmos

Any body got any ideas ?

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Possibly one device in the chain had a FW update - ensure all devices are up-to-date then power cycle the complete system.



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You mention "dtx" and "6 channel stereo". If you are applying certain upmixing modes to an Atmos source then the AV receiver would ignore the Atmos metadata and simply portray the channel beased element of the incoming audio package with the upmixing applied to it. The upmixing mode effectively negayed the Atmos metadata. Ensure that you've not engageged any such upmixing modes. The Only mode that wouldn't negate the Atmos metadata is Dolby Surround.

No idea as to why you'd get DTS:X? This is a format similar to Atmos but developed by DTS as opposed to Dolby. Streaming services do not use it. Do you mean that the receiver is indicating that DTS NEO:6 is being applied? If so then this is an upmixing mode and would negate the Atmos metadata as I've already explained.
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strangely enough I fixed anoher proplem I was having with a network switch and the proplem has fixed its self, as to how and why I have know idea

pressing the little green button now to pick what sound mode i want the option of dolby atmos is now back !!

hopfully for good, thx's anyway guys

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