No discounts on B&W speakers?


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B&W seem to have a policy of no discounts on their kit - is this even legal? I'd like to get some of their speakers - but I also want he best price :)

Can anyone recommend something similar to the 601s3/602s3 which might be discounted?


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They use the same price across the dealers, so smaller dealers get the same treatment as bigger dealers.

What this enables you to do is, go the best dealer, as there is no chance of the demoing speakers at a smaller dealer, then going to an internet based dealer to get a cheaper price.

This way, the price is the same, so you can choose where to buy without having to worry about getting ripped off.


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Pop it to your local store, they will discount for cash on B&W, I know because my Brother purchased some 603 s1's a couple of years ago, they came down from £500 to £450. No one will sell B&W speakers on the Net. :(


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pah....i tried and couldn't get anything when i bought my CDM CNT and SNT.....

Kuni D

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I got a discount from Sevenoaks Hifi when I got my 601 S1's, although it was close to Christmas time ;)

I've also purchased a CC6 S2, 602 S2's (from Hifi Experience down Totenham Court Road) and 602.5 S3's last year down HiFi Excellence down Park Street/Bristol and didn't manage to get a discount - best you can usually do is free/discounted cables (QED Silver Anniversay Biwire for me every time) or stands.


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I've got a full set of B&W's (603s3, 600s3 rears and LCR60). Sevenoaks gave me 15% discount on all of these even though I bought them at different times.

Time to flex those negotiating skills :)

Nic Rhodes

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I have yet to find any product where a deal can't be done, just wave cash and be prepared to walk :D

Fat Bloke

Audio T gave me 10% discount on my 602s and LCR60.

Just ask.


Do you think that Nottingham SuperFi would give me a discount on some B&W 201 with some cheap stands??

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