No difference between Tosh sd110 &sd220


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I am looking to upgrade my toshiba sd110 thats hooked up to a 32zd26.
Yesterday i had a chance to try a friends sd220 with my tv to see how much better a new dvd player would be and to my surprise there was no difference at all, the better half even thought our old dvd player was better.
I would like to upgrade but only if im going to see a difference obviously. Does the quality of player not matter to much on a 32"
or do I have to get somthing like sd520 with prog scan to see any difference?


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On a 32" tv I don't think you would see much of a difference no matter what you went for unless your tv can handle prog scan.

The likes of a 220 connected by rgb or component to a 32" tv is about as good as it gets.


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There isnt a huge difference in price between the 110 and the 220 its probably worth having a look at the 520 for a picture upgrade. You should be able to see a difference with a 32" but obviously you will see a bigger difference on a big screen. I havent seen the quality from a PS player but I think the 520 only has PS with region 1 dvds.


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I disagree with the "no point upgrading with 32" TV" ... I used to have a Toshiba SD210 ... and upgrading to a Arcam DV88 (via a NAD T550) I DID see an improvement in the picture quality. Colours better, picture sharper, etc. And this is via RGB NOT Component.

I wouldn't have thought that there is much difference between the SD110 and the SD220 though ... they are both effectively budget machines. The main difference is going to be on features more then PQ (the 220 plays CD-R / CD-RW and have component output the 110 doesn't IIRC). Its just like changing from a £100 CD player to a £200 one ... you won't notice much difference ... but if you went from a £100 CD player to a £500 CD player there difference would be much more noticable.



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I'm in the market for an update/upgrade myself and am in a bit of a quandry. I have an old (reliable) R2 Tosh SD2109 and have been considering picking up a Tosh SD330 because for £99 multi-region they are a bit of a steal! Most important things to me are PQ and sound. Not really interested in all of the "tricks" some players are crammed with. My question is, if I'm going to spend £99 on a 330, should I be looking to step up to £200 for the Tosh 520? Would there be an appreciable step up in PQ on a 32" TV? By the way, if I spent more than £200 my wife would kill me. Slowly.



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How old is the 2109 (i dont know it)? It might be worth going for the 520, try to go and watch both and see if its worth spending the extra.
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