No DAB at night


For the best part of 20 years, we have had a small DAB radio alarm in the bedroom. It has always worked well and been 100% reliable. A week go today, however, it consitently showed "service unavailable" and refused to pick up any stations. I assumed that it had come to the end of its life, so purchased a Pure Siesta Rise S.

This also refused to find any stations and I thought perhaps it was due to the aerial - one of those "string" type ones. Anyhow, the radio went back, and I replaced it with an Azatom Multiplex D2 radio.

The Azatom has a telescopic aerial and was far more successful , showing full signal strength and pulling in a wide range of stations. All that changed at night however, and from around 10:00 in the eveing (ish) and 10:00 in the morning it also refuses to find stations, though it will work fine elsewhere in the house.

I have checked transmitter status on line, and it seems we have 3 transmitters, each working fine, and each providing good coverage at our address. I thought perhaps it was down to atmospherics given the hot weather we've been having, however the weather has now broken and the problem persists - DAB everywhere except the bedroom at night. Nothing in the room has been changed, and as already said, 'till a week ago we have had no issues in the last nearly 20 years.

A bit of a mystery - any suggestions? Currently using FM, but I would love to discover what the issue is.



P.S I'm in Surrey if that makes any difference

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