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Hello all,

I have 9 years NCD. I plan to sell my car as its now 13 years old and is no longer viable to run.

As such, I will then only be a amed driver on my girlfriends car.

DOes this mean I will always have 9 years NCD, or does it 'dissapear' if you no longer have an active policy in lace under your own name?

Hope that makes sense.


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From what i can remember i think it lasts a few years depending on the insurance company you was with. Not too sure tho correct me if im wrong


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I don't know for sure but my father used to alternate yearly putting his name and my mother's name down on the insurance so both off them would be able to have full no claims.


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I think it's 2 years before you lose your no claim discount but I may me wrong or it may depend on the insurance company.


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Was going to say 2 years as well so I guess that it probably is.


How does this preserve their NCB as you have to have insurance in your own name
That is what they are doing, swapping the policy holder from person a to person b after 1 year, that way they have insurance in their name for 1 year as to get an extra year NCB and preserve their previous which you lose if you do not have a policy in your name for 2 years.


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We swap our car between my name and my wife's name to keep the NCB - this way our individual NCBs are never more than one year 'old'.

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