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I'm new to the whole surround sound thing and was wondering if anyone could shed some light. I have been a two channel junkie for a long time and decided to venture into surround only recently so I bought myself a Yamaha DSP E800 receiver which feeds my mains (mission 753's) via my amp Musical Fidelity A308, the rears older missions, but still up to the task, and a heybrook 200 sub. I haven't, however got a centre speaker and have assigned that to the mains.

With DVD's especialy on DTS the sound is fantastic, and could frighten half the street, although I've only listened to out of the box set ups before but there's no comparison. However am I missing out on having no centre channel? If so what do they add and should I be looking for a mission centre or would another make be ok?
as with anything, of course, it is ultimately subjective. but I would argue that a centre speaker is critical to a home cinema system. its job is to lock dialogue to the screen so that no matter where in the room you are, dialogue is always coming from the screen, rather than from the left or right speaker which ever you are nearer too.

tonally it must be matched to the left and right speakers otherwise when a car passes from left to right, it will sound like it changed make along the way!

mission would be the obvious choice for you - others on this forum with more experience in this area will be able to offer you specific model advice.

if you are sitting in the ideal spot in your room, in theory you may not be losing much at all, but if not you will be losing the cohesion of vocals to the screen.

plus you are limiting dynamics by forcing additional info to the mains

I did read somewhere that 70% of a films sound is through the center channel and I would stick with the same manufacturer
Thanks for your replies, I do generally sit bang in the centre of the screen (set up is front projection onto 6' screen with mains just either side) and can understand the point if sitting towards one side or the other. It would seem then that a centre would be worth a try. (My other half will be pleased!). Any thoughts on a centre to match with the 753 floorstanders

My concern then will be to get the dynamics right between the Yamaha powered centre and the MF powered mains as the MF has far more grunt and dynamic response by comparison even if the initial volume levels at set up are the same. I've noticed this already with the rears.
Am I missing out not have an extra rear speaker for 6.1? My bedroom is only 12ft by 10ft.
Originally posted by crazzy kopite
Am I missing out not have an extra rear speaker for 6.1? My bedroom is only 12ft by 10ft.

It is nice in theory to have the extra rears but most peoples' rooms are not the right shape. If your seating position is tight against the wall it would be difficult to find an effective place to put the other speaker.

That is why I have stayed with 5.1
The 75c was a highly recommended and well reviewed centre speaker to go with the highly popular 753 mains and 751 rears in the late-mid 90's.

Times may have moved on a little from the real hey-day of the Mission 75 series. But the 753s still give great pleasure on music and film. They were classic speakers. I use a pair of late 753Fs myself.

If you can find a 75C for sale and it's affordable I can't see how you can go wrong. Do try and get a listening test though.

I hastily add here that I have never heard a 75C personally.

Here's a link to an AV system using the Mission 75 series which may be helpful. Though I can't recommend burying the main speakers in furniture quite like this. A bit of air arround a speaker is always useful. :)

Thanks for that. I have the older 753's not the freedoms but think they're great speakers. So much so that my original question wrt need for a centre was based on the belief that the missions could handle it all. I have seen a few 75C on ebay recently so may get one cheap for a try.

Thanks for the link, I can't imagine what his speakers sound like built into the cupboads like that. They need space, covers off and plenty of oomph!

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