No Booklet or Foldout Case For BTTF R4


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Sorry to start yet another BTTF thread but can't seem to find any info on this one....

Just received BTTF Trilogy(R4) from CD Wow and there's no booklet (should there have been one?). There's a place for one.

Also the case is just the normal plastic amaray(?) type with sleeve. All three discs are on one spindle and is NOT the gatefold type like the UK R2. Is this correct?

Many Thanks

dts borg

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How Strange!

Should be a gatefold case with info card.
My BTTF is Region 4.


Good luck...;)

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Originally posted by Kevo
All three discs are on one spindle
You mean just stacked on top of each other??? :eek:

As dts borg said, call CD-WOW. Mine has the booklet and the foldout case, but then I pre-ordered mine.

However, bear in mind that once some titles have been on sale for a while, it is common for the fancy packaging to revert to a standard Amaray case or for the slipcover to no longer be distributed, etc. The only way to get the original packaging is to order from a supplier that still has some in stock.

If this is the case with CD-WOW (i.e. if they can no longer get hold of the original packaging), then you might want to try www.ezydvd.com.au and www.atlanticdvd.com.au or get the R2 from Play.com - assuming you really want the original packaging (it's very nice, it has to be said, although is it worth the extra £X? that's a decision only you can make ;)).


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Thanks for the replies guys.

I'll contact CD Wow FWIW.

Don't think they'll be able to do much though :(

I'm annoyed about that. Hope it's not a 'dodgy' copy.

Never seen a multi-disk package like this before though.
It looks really crude. You have to take out disks 1 and 2 just to get at disk 3 :mad:

The only reason I held off on the R4 was to wait and see what the spec on the R2 was like. It turns out they are both the same albeit much better packaging on the R2 (in my 'case' anyway, no pun intended!).


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aaah I see that Universal Australia are running into the same problems as Universal France. The french had the same problem: Universal was running out of Digipacks and hence put the DVDs in Amarays.
Send cdwow an email and see what they recommend to do.


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Have phoned them today and they were quite helpful.

They're going to send me another set, although tey can't guarantee the case it'll be in.

It's then up to me to either send one back or both and get a refund.

Can't ask for more than that I suppose.

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If you do decide to send them back, you won't even have to fork out the postage and wait for them to refund it to you either. They'll send you a FREEPOST jiffy bag :)

Hope you get the digipak though :)


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I have just recieved BTTF from CD WOW, and my copy is in a single case but I do have the booklet. I think I'll just photo copy the cover and and use those AOL cases that keep comming through the post to seperate the discs.


Originally posted by Lux

and hence put the DVDs in Amarays.
not an amaray but a keep case.

Amaray cases are good but the ones they are using for BTTF are crap...

dts borg

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Now thats customer service for you.....;)
10/10 for sending you out another BTTF while you still have the first...:D

0/10 for Universal Pictures...:clown:


Hi there

Can anyone scan the booklet for me, here in iceland we did get the digipak but no booklet:(


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