Question No bitstream audio with MKV files on Panasonic BWT740


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Hi all,

This might be incurable by any way other than buying a new machine / streamer / HTPC, but…

My current setup is:

Yamaha RX-V681 AVR (so capable of decoding just about anything you throw at it)

5.1 speakers (soon to be 5.1.2)

Panasonic BWT740 Blu Ray Recorder / PVR (pre Atmos etc, but should pass anything through)

Everything works fine with Blu Rays, TV, etc, but I downloaded some DTS / Dolby trailers in MKV format (which my PVR can decode just fine) from the internet. When I try to play them via USB on the PVR, I get ‘Cannot play the audio. Format not supported’. It’s definitely the Panny saying this, not the amp, and I get video but no sound. And I’m talking even stuff supposedly coded in TrueHD / DTS HD-MA, not just Atmos and X. DTS:X should work even on my 5.1 setup via my amp.

What I don’t understand is that some of them work (only DTS, none of the Dolby ones), but only if I set the audio output to PCM. With it set to Bitstream, I get nothing. This seems to make no sense, as if it can’t decode it itself, why can’t it just send it unmolested as bitstream to my AVR to turn into the right codec? I would have expected the PCM setting to not work if it can’t do it.

Is there any cure for this other than recoding the files? Will the machine not pass through what it reads from USB for my amp to decode, even though it can do so with a disc, even in TrueHD / HD-MA?

And will a modern UHD Blu Ray player be more capable with this sort of thing, as and when I get one (namely either the new Sony X1000 / 800 or the Panasonic UB400)?



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