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No bass at all in Cerwin Vega XLS 215


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So I think I just blew/broke one of my Cerwin Vega XLS 215's.

The problem is that there is absolutely no sound or vibrations from the 15" elements at all. I have replaced the fuse, and checked the voice coil for burning damage, and there seems to be none. I will test the nonworking speaker versus my working speaker with an Ohm meter, as soon as I get my hand on one, but meanwhile I was hoping to get some advice/answers on what might be the problem. I have checked my CXA-10 amp too, and there were no blown fuses as far as I could see. I'm no expert, so I might have missed something. I suspect that the problem lies somwhere in the speaker, because when I change the output channels on the amp, it's still the same problem with the same speaker. Does anyone have any idea whats going on? :lease:

EDIT: I just did the 9v battery test. On the speaker that plays fine, there was a pop and the elements moved. On the speaker that does not work properly, there was one pop, then nothing. No movement at all. When I changed the polarity, there was another pop, but no movement. When switched the polarity again, the result was the same.

EDIT2: So I tried moving one element from the speaker that's good, into the bad one, and there is still no sound at all from the subs. Does anybody know what might be causing this? Is it the amp after all?
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Check the crossover board, you may have blown one or more elements of the crossover network.


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Are the grills removable on these speakers?

Very CAREFULLY, push on the speaker cones. Can you move them, and if you can, do you hear any rubbing or scratching. If you do, that is a very solid indication that you have melted the voice coils. Though one has to wonder how massively loud and how interminably long you were playing these massive speakers to cause such damage.

Also, if the speaker have removable back, remove the back and attached speaker wires directly to the bass drivers. If they work, then likely the bass driver is not the problem. However if the don't or they are fuzzy or buzzy, then likely you have blown them.


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