No audio via Sound bar (via Optical cable) when using built-in Android apps on XBR-65X750D

So I have an XBR-65X750D Sony Bravia, with a sound bar connected to it via an Optical cable. Sound from any HDMI, Composite, or Component port goes thru the sound bar just fine. But when I use any app on the tv itself, sound will ONLY come thru the tv speakers. This has nothing to do with ARC, I'm not using ARC, I'm using the Optical connection between tv and sound bar. It makes no sense to me that a Roku or Blu-Ray player or Wii all output sound via the sound bar, while the Android apps on the tv itself ignore the sound bar, regardless of the tv being set for output to go to the external audio system. I toggled it back and forth between tv speakers and external audio, but only the tv speakers work.

Has anyone else been-here-done-this and figured it out?

The real reason I'm doing this is because the TV comes on to an external Roku, the best one they have whatever that is, and often before you can do anything the TV just reboots. And not as often but sometimes, while watching a show, the tv will just reboot. So I was going to try skipping the Roku and just install various channels onto the tv itself and bypass the Roku to see if it stops the reboots.

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