No Audio Sound Pioneer VSX421 Receiver - PC


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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a Pioneer VSX421-k Receiver and connected it to my PC and TV with a HDMI cable.
The Video works fine but the problem is that I can't get the Audio to work.

My GPU (ATI HD4850 Sapphire) supports both video and audio and the receiver has the HDMI repeater feature.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?


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Do you get audio if you connect the PC directly to the TV using HDMI?


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Hi clockworks, yes it does, but I think I have worked it out, I need to have the av receiver on first before I turn the pc on, thats what I done lastnight and it worked, I was a bit late so ill try again later to see if that was the problem,


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I have a problem.. My pioneer is hooked up to a playstation 3 and the sound usually works but now it just stopped working and its driving me mad!! I've tried to unplug and plug in every single thing and still no audio.. I have video but no audio!! Heeelp!

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