No audio on some recordings - Samsung DVD-SH89?M


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I set this recorder to record huge chunks of Keith Richards' Lost Weekend while I was away a few weeks ago. But when I came to watch it back I was devastated to see that some of the recordings don't have audio - in some cases, one without audio is sandwiched between two - recorded on the same night - that do have audio. It also seems that some of the video on the silent ones is very slightly jumpy too.

When pressing the Info button during playback, the non-audio ones are stated to be MPEG 1+1 L+R, while the ones that are Ok are MPEG 2/0 L+R. Does anyone know if there is any way that these can be converted/rescued? There was some really great stuff here that never gets shown and I was really wanting to burn it to disc...

As for the recorder, acc to the manual it's either a DVD-SH893M, DVD-SH895M or DVD-SH897M (can't see anything on the unit other than it is 320gb. The manual doesn't mention the MPEG info at all in the audio section, and I've tried playing around with the stuff it does mention eg DTS, DRC, Nicam, before playback, but no luck.

I've never had any trouble with this unit before, although I was so frustrated by its lack of functionality I bought a Panasonic unit to take over the main duties a few months afterwards. So it's a few years old, relatively lightly used, but otherwise apparently ok which is why I had no qualms about using it for such an important task...


This may have some relevance.


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Hmm, thanks, wasn't aware of that, but not sure whether that's to blame. Not sure when the problems it mentions occurred, but mine were 23-25 Sept, and no problems with the Panny (ever - what a brilliant machine that is...)
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