No audio on Denon AVR-3313 main HDMI out


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Browsed through the forum but couldn't find anything related so hence the question.

As per the following drawing I have an existing setup (grey) that works fine (audio/video). Main setup in an equipment rack feeding ROOM 1. Working ok. NEW (red): To feed an adjacent room (ROOM 2) - audio only - I picked up a second hand AVR-1713, a set of speakers and an audio extracter to extract audio from the HDMI signal arriving via HDMI over Ethernet.

However I don't get audio to ROOM 2. The HDMI over Ethernet transmitter/receiver support audio. Tracing back further, I checked HDMI 1 MAIN on the AVR-3313 and there's no audio.

Is it possible to concurrently output audio on HDMI 1 MAIN and the speaker out on the AVR-3313? Where would I set this up?

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What you appear to be trying to do is extract audio from an HDMI signal feed that wouldn't ordinarilly be carrying any audio?

The main room AVR wouldn't ordinarilly pass audio out via its conventional HDMI monitor outputs, not unless you set its HDMI audio output/passthrough to on. If you were to do this then the AV receiver itself would cease to process the audio and would no longer be able to portray said audio via the speakers connected to it. Denon AV receivers do not include the ability to both passthrough HDMI sourced audio while simultaneously processing it, not via their conventional HDMI outputs.

I'd suggest you use the 3313 AV receiver's dedicated second HDMI zone output and connect this directly to the AVR1713 receiver in your second room. The second zone output is independant of the 2 mirrored main room outputs and will pasthrough both the audio and the video accessed from any HDMI source connected to the AV receiver. You can select the same source as that which is being portrayed in the main room and an entirely different HDMI source. The HDMI signal is not processed by the AV receiver if using the dedicated second zopne HDMI output.

Simply connect the HDMI extender to the second Zopne HDMI output on the 3313. Run the cat cabling to the second room and then use the cat to HDMI converter to enable you to connect this tan HDMI input on the 1713. Turn on zone 2 on the 3313 and select and HDMI source connected to the 3313 for conveyance to zone 2. Turn on the 1713 and select the source to which the HDMI signal being output by the AVR3313 is connected. THe audio will now be accessible by the 1713 and can now be portrayed by any speakers connected to the AVR1713.

Connect the second room TV to the AVR1713's HDMI output.

The audio extractor is surplus to requirements.
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Bummer... The fact that Denon receivers don't "both passthrough HDMI sourced audio while simultaneously processing it" puts a spanner in the works. Out of curiosity do other receivers offer that? (Not that I'm planning to switch 😁)

So if I picture this correctly I get another set of HDMI over Ethernet devices; transmitter goes to zone 2 out on the AVR-3313 and receiver on any HDMI on on the AVR-1713. And of course I need another cat 5 run on between which is an issue... (That's why I wanted to ride on the current cat5 run which I now understand is not possible)... Did I get that right?


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Simply use the dedicated second HDMI zone output on the AVR3313. Use this to convey an HDMI signal inclusive of both audio and video to the second zone. Connect the main zone second HDMI zone connection from the AVR3313 to an HDMI input on the AVR1713 in the second room. Now simply use the AVR1713's HDMI output to pass the assocuated video through that AVR andf out to the second zone TV.

You'll now be able to use the second HDMI zone capabilities of the AVR3313 to passthrough any HDMI source to the second zone indepentantly of what it being dealt with or being portrayed in the main room. You can even pass the audio associated with the same source as what is being dealt with by the AVR3313 in the main room out to the AVR1713 if using the deicated second HDMI zone output.

You do not need to use the MONITOR 1 or the MONITOR 2 HDMI outputs on the AVR3313 to pass audio through because it has a dedicated second HDMI zone output.


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Ok txs. I did a quick test on the AVR3313. When I switched on Zone 2, I had video and audio on the HDMI out (as expected) whereas when I connected to MONITOR 2 HDMI I didn't have audio.

This raised another question. Is it possible to enable audio on MONITOR 2 HDMI or are MONITOR 1 HDMI and MONITOR 2 HDMI always mirrored (and so going back to the beginning of this thread whereby it's not possible to both the AVT process audio and presenting audio via HDMI)? Why would I ask? With this newfound understanding I could see a third room getting a TV - subject to the MONITOR 1/2 clarification:
1. Zone 2 feeding AVR1713 (and TV 2),
2. MONITOR 1 HDMI connected to TV 1 (and audio via the audio stage of the AVR3313); and
3. MONITOR 2 HDMI being connected to TV 3 with sound output from TV 3

I need to run an extra Cat5 cable anyway to execute point 1. so just trying to get a more complete picture as TV3 would require another Cat5 cable run


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MONItor 1 and 2 are mirrored and one set of configurations cover both. The only difference between them is that the

AS I've said, you can passthrough both audio and video via the dedicated second zone output while still processing audio usin the receiver. THe dedicated second zone output is independant of the main room. The AV receiver plays no part in processing the audio or video being output via the seconf HDMI zone output.MONITOR 1 output is HDMI CEC and ARC compliant while MONITOR 2 isn't.

Is wanting to portray the same source in the main room and zone 2, simply select the same HDMI source for both zones. The AV receiver will process the audio signal while passing through the video to a display via its HDMI MONITOR outputs while simultaneously passing through both audio and video via its second HDMI output.

No, you cannot use the HDMI Monitor outputs as you'd use the dedicated second zone HDMI output. You cannot pass audio out via the MONITOR outputs without negating the AV receiver's ability to actually access and then process the audio signal.

Only the dedicated second Zone HDMI output is able to passthrough both audio and video while the AV receiver is simultaneously being used to process the same HDMI audio source. Neither the video nor the audio being output via the scond zone output is processed in anyway by the AV receiver.
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