No audio on AV set-up with Sony DCR-HC40E



Hi there
I want to do some in car video recording at race meetings
The set-up I have is a Sony DCR-HC40E camcorder, Sony LCB002 vari focal bullet camera, Sky Tronic UDM-50S stereo tie mic and CamEye Sport lanc 1.6 remote control.
The video side of things are great with no problems, but I cannot get any sound out of it. The tie mic spec states that is low impedance with a sensitivity of -62dB. the mic's 3.5mm jack is conected to a female to female stereo adaptor then to a 3.5mm male to two single phono adaptor which the connects to the red and white male phono's of the Sony AV lead to camcorder. I've checked continuity from the red and white male phono's of the Sony AV lead to the female to female stereo adaptor and that bell's out ok. I've checked out the mic by on the PC's sound recorder utility, so is this a mic impedance problem or have I missed a setting in the camcorder menu ??
Would be gratful to hear from anyone who have got there AV set-up working ok or anybody who has an answer to my problem.



Your problems are probably down to 2 different audio levels.
The cam when in AV-in will ned to be fed an audio signal at line level, but the mic will output at mic level (a lot lower level). AFAIK the only way to get the mic working in this setup would be to put it through a cheap mixer that can change the output to line level, such as This.


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