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I have a Toshiba 40" HD TV (model 40ZF355D) fed by harmen/kardon AVR 255 receiver which in turn is fed by SKY HD and a Panasonic DMP-BD35, all via HDMI cables. I have a 7.1 speaker system. The 8 channels all appear to be working perfectly (good sound), however the TV speakers are now offering no sound. This is is the case for both SKY and Blu Ray inputs. Any ideas anyone?:lease:
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Can you set the amp to allow audio pass-through (to the TV)? If you haven't set this up I'd assume the amp is defaulting to output to the connected speakers.
Its only a guess but perhaps your Receiver is stripping out the sound and only relaying the picture from both sources to the TV.


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First question is why do want to have the audio coming through your tv when it will sound much poorer than your amp speakers? As you have routed everything through the 255 the amp will need to be on to get a picture and hence audio will be coming through your speakers so i dont see why you would need the audio to come through the tv.

Anyway if you still want to do this you need to go into the 255 settings menu and tell it to send on the hdmi audio to your tv, now bear in mind when your amp is set to tv+amp you probably will loose the 5.1 hd audio from your blurays and maybe sky hd so when you want to listen to your blurays with the hd audio you need to turn off the audio to your tv and leave it to amp only.


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Thanks for you help guys. I am happy with the sound qualty on offer, but wondered if the TV speakers would add to the audio experience. I really only wanted to know if this could be achieved and how this might affect the whole audio experience. Thinking about it it is likely that even if I can make the adjustment it would detract from the logic 7 sounds available from the HK.

Thanks everyone for your views:)

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