No audio from receiver: laptop HDMI to TV, digital audio out to receiver


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Hi all,

I currently have my laptop connected via HDMI to my tv. Running optical digital audio out to my receiver (models listed below).

Problem is: getting no audio from receiver. Any suggestions?

Some notes:
I AM getting audio from the TV speakers, so it IS picking up the audio from HDMI. Laptop audio-out controls are set to HDMI. Cables seem fine (tried multiple optical cables). Receiver is on the correct audio setting, etc.

I've also confirmed that the TV's optical out IS working: when my cable box is connected to the TV via coaxial cable (with digital audio out to receiver), I DO get sound from the receiver in that scenario. When laptop is connected to TV via HDMI, I've also tried running audio out from the TV via regular audio cables -- and I dont get audio from the reciver then either (which is normal, I think, because it wouldn't convert the HDMI signal, would it?) The receiver display DOES blink briefly when I run audio tests from the laptop (as it does whenever an audio source is changed), but other than that, no change, no audio.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Really stumped on this one.

Laptop: hp pavilion hdx18
TV: samsung TXS3082WH
Receiver: panasonic SA-xr55


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I would imagine you will have to connect an audio cable directly to the amp. Perhaps the TV only passes audio from its tuner.


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I was worried that might be the case (TV only capable passing digital audio from tuner). But that just seems silly to me, from a manufacturing standpoint. Why bother to have a digital out if it's not able to send the digital audio from an HDMI source?

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