No Atmos for Disney Plus & AirPods Max. Anyone know why?


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When using the AirPods Max with Apple TV 4K box, I can check if atmos is being outputted by going to the control centre (similar to using an iPhone). From here I can confirm that when using Netflix or PrimeVideo they output the audio in Atmos.

However, when I use Disney Plus, I only get multichannel. Also the content I test is confirmed to use Dolby Atmos as I can check in the "Details" section of the movie.

It is very strange as others have reported that Disney Plus does output atmos to their sounders etc. It looks to be a specific issue with Disney Plus & AirPods Max :( Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?
Just got an Apple TV 4K and a pair of AirPods Max and I have run into the same issue.

Netflix has no problem playing Atmos but Disney+ doesn't play it.

I have an Atmos capable soundbar, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) and when I try to play Disney+ through the TV into the soundbar, it plays Atmos correctly (as demonstrated on the Sonos app).

So the issue is specifically related to the AirPods Max and Disney+.

If I start playback on the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) in Atmos, and then connect the AirPods Max after, it remains in Atmos. So there is a workaround but it's very annoying.


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It’s such a silly hassle.

Imagine having to buy an atmos speaker just so that you can get atmos on the Airpods Max headphones.

Disney are aware of the issue though, so hopefully a fix is coming soon!

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