No app store in iTunes 12.7

Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by Flashy, Sep 13, 2017.

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    I'm a bit irritated by this: Apple Releases iTunes 12.7 With Major Changes, Including No Built-In App Store

    I know I'm living in the past a bit, but I've got a few games on my iPad Air which won't run on iOS 11 because they're not 64 bit and won't be updated (the two Lost Winds games, Crow, and others). They're still fun, though, so I wasn't going to update my iPad.

    I've always kept a backup of apps on my Mac, and figured even when these apps disappeared from the App Store I would still be able to add them. Though not any more if I update iTunes, which will mean not updating it to High Sierra (though that may be no bad thing depending on how it runs on a 2012 Mac mini).

    Maybe I'll just have to leave the old iPad 2 (which is now my wife's) for those. But this is the problem with the shift to digital media generally, and why I continue to buy physical discs for music and film.

    EDIT: Just read Lost Winds hasn't worked since iOS 8... On that basis, I suspect I might be being irritated by something that doesn't really affect me.

    EDIT 2: Just tried both Lost Winds games and they work fine on iOS 10, so I'll stick with it.
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