No Animal Crossing for Europe!


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Just read at (yes I know that's a PC mag, but the website covers all formats) an interview with the Nintendo of Europe project manager, Marco Hein, in which he says that there are NO plans to release Animal Crossing over here!!!


That was one really different game that I was seriously looking forward to seeing and playing. If Freeloader ever comes out, that will be a guaranteed purchase for me then.

His argument for not releasing it seems to be "there is already a broad range of games, so we're happy with the current line-up." Sorry, but since when was too many games ever a problem???

It's a pretty unique style of game, which is one of the things that Nintendo seem to be keen on, so why leave it out? Anyone know if there's a "release Animal Crossing in Europe" online petition anywhere.




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We get shafted over here for releases :(

Europe is not a large enough market for the titles, plus there are too many mal-informed gamers who live off FiFa 50000000000000000000000000000000.

More bad news is that Rare has canned Donkey Kong Racing for the GC, and is on sketchy ground with Nintendo. Kameo is still on track thankfully!


Wasn't looking forward to DKR personally... Nor Kameo. Anyway it was to be expected that Animal Crossing wouldn't be out in europe... Mainly because of the translation costs and the amount of data Nintendo would have had to edit to suit european gamers. Remember all of the holidays and events in the Japanese version of Animal Crossing was edited for the US market - So it could reflect on the US holidays etc.

Now to do that for all of Europe..... And to think it took them this long to translate the game into english (never mind spanish, german etc) then the chips were stacked against this title from the beginning. I guess thats why I bought a modded Jap/US Gamecube because of such decisions.

I don't know why Rare are so uptight with Nintendo (I haven't read into it for some time) but they are free to form a 3rd party of Rare. However it ends up I hope that the next Conker will arrive along with Perfect Dark. Even though the core members of the GoldenEye/PD team have left it'll be interesting to see how they fair against Free Radical.


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I've noticed that Nintendo's European web-site still list Animal Crossing as a game "on their books", although with very few details. Previously in situations like this (Super Mario RPG on SNES, for example), they deny all knowledge of such a thing existing. Maybe all is not lost!!

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