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No AC3 coming from HCPC

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Steve1138, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Steve1138


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    I have a problem with my TERRATEC Aureon 5.1 fun card: won't pass an AC3 stream from software DVD player (WinDVD or TheaterTek) to the optical output
    I ONLY use it for its optical audio input / output, as I have an external (hi fi) surround Processor: LEXICON DC-1, so do NOT use any onbaord D/A processing or use any of the analogue in / outs.

    For video capture from my Sky+ sat box, I have the Sky+ optical audio into the Aureon card input, and use the Aureon control panel to allow the satellite PCM / AC3 audio to "pass through" the to the card output and onto the LEXICON processor. This all works fine (for external Sky+ audio source). Doesn't matter if the satellite audio is PCM or true AC3... it's all passed OK through the card in-/out-puts to my LEXICON.

    for AC3 audio sources coming from WITHIN the PC (DVD disk or a MPG / AVI file with AC3 stream from the hard disk), it produces no audio when the player is set to SPDIF output.
    Have used both WinDVD and TheaterTek software players and checked the SPDIF output options for "external surround processor" but then I get no audio. Only works when set to output Stereo / Pro logic.

    Also have audio problem with the PINNACLE PCTV (dig) Sat card in the HCPC... when viewing live broadcasts, the audio is dropping in and out (breaking) and I can see on the LEXICON processor that it is "hunting" back and forth between 44 and 48 kHz. (like it was not receiving a consistent or recognisable dig-audio signal from the PINNACLE card, through the Aureon)
    I have 48 kHz enabled on the Aureon CP all the time.
    MPG recordings from the PINNACLE play back OK without the breaking audio problem (happens on live viewing only). These MPG recording usually have MPEG layer 2 audio.
    Other files from the computer (AVI with DivX or MP3 audio are all playing back OK)... seems to be AC3 only

    - no AC3 audio being output from sources inside the PC
    - AC3 pass through from external sat receiver is working fine (pass thru to external HiFi surround processor)
    - audio break up when viewing live broadcast from Pinnacle PCTV Sat
    - other audio formats (MP2, MP3, PCM) are playing OK from other files on the PC
    - always set to 48 kHz on Aureon CP (although switching on CP to 44, the audio is still working for MP2, MP3 and PCM)

    any thoughts?

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