Nissan GTR (R35) – Honest Review (Make a cup of tea and sit down)


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Looks lovely, are you going to get rid of the rear spoiler?? I think there's a more stuble 'duck' tail spoiler which I think looks perfect.


Any plans for modifications...for £3k litchfiled can get you up to 600bhp....if I had a GTR am not sure I would able to resist the temptation to try and get it to 700-800 BHP :)

Litchfield - Nissan GTR Performance Pack Upgrades - Litchfield Motors


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Yes, seen that spoiler and it's lovely, however the car is remaining totally std (bar the installed gearbox upgrade) ;)

Let's see how long that lasts :laugh:


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Wouldn't race imply some sort of contest?

99/100 cars would be blown away and i'm sure er, a good few of them know that lol.

They probably just want to see how your car shifts:D


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I went to Litchfield for my 48 month service today. The customer care (Thank you Neil) was brilliant. The quality of the service was excellent and the tour around the site was eye opening.

Some lovely cars there and the new service area was spacious and clean. Lots of exciting developments going on there and maybe might sneak a Stage 1 (570 bhp) on the next visit!

Throughfully recommended and the cost of the service was cheaper than I thought

Brilliant day today


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At all tempted by the Tesla p85D? Twin electric motors for 691bhp!!! But it's a eye watering 90k before options :(

If you don't mind me asking how do you justify the running costs of the GTR? I would dearly love to PX my 335i for the next step up but struggling at the moment to justify spending more per months on a car than my mortgage. Both me and my wife find it hard to part with say more than £20k on a car when we know we could use that amount to help clear the mortgage (on track though to been mortgage free in 3 years time :))....Is it just a case of working harder and upping your disposable income?
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TBH, look after bricks and mortar first.;)

Myself and my wife are on decent salaries and we save hard. I'm about to sell my cherished BMW (see elsewhere on this forum) and with the cash, maybe by a cheap winter snotter to average out my daily mpg against the GTR.

Via multicar insurance policies, the GTR is only £360 a year and does 21 mpg. Thats only 3 less than my BMW. :cool:

I also only tend to do 9K miles per year but with the GTR, that's not safe! ;)

Roof over head first, cars will come :thumbsup:


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Good advice, sorting out the house first has always been that plan anyways, but I'm just getting inpatient.....oh well will just have to 'make do' with the BMW till I'm a bit older, wiser :D. I will own something like a GTR one day though :)


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Extra horses released in Stage 1 with phase 5 software upgrade at tuners Litchfield so around 580 - 585bhp but not been on rolling road to release a few more! A lot more torque too.

Feels very nice now and immense power. Effortless and urgent if bit noisy (said the old git).

Insurance went up £16 for the year!

Genuinely feels night and day from standard, and I thought that was ridiculous! Waiting for some nice weather to play

Fresh write up after proper roadtest to follow


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Why does everyone at the traffic lights want to race me? :facepalm:

I have a 300bhp Subaru (well for the next 5 days when I trade her in). Obviously not in the same league as yours but cost a tiny fraction to buy, £4K [emoji4]. I can't help putting my foot down at the right safe times. I've waved goodbye to Jag XFR, Cayman S and others. All of which are x10 more expensive.

If you came next to me I'd want to have a 'chat' with you [emoji16] I wouldn't stand a chance but I'd love to see the GTR stretch her legs.

My mate has a 20 yo Skyline with a rebuilt engine, ceramic turbo shattered I think he said. Boy does that thing move. Thing that blew me away was the acceleration when he put his foot down doing 80, phew! Obviously happened on a track day.
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Good review. These cars are bargains when you consider what performance you are getting for your money. Closest I've owned would be 360bhp evo 10. With the usual exhaust/air filter mods. Another great value car when it would hold its own against cars worth 3 or 4 times it's value.
I'm in for a investment pay out in about 2 years time and I'm seriously considering a car as a treat. Gtr has always been on my list, along with a m5 and Audi r8. Audi slowly I know but I love the look of them.
And white by far is the best colour.

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