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I thought this might be of help to people. Below is a list of the links I was checking on a regular basis. By using Firefox, I opened them all in tabs and then just worked my way across the page. By doing this it was just by chance... that Woolworths had stock in for a matter of minutes.

Feel free to add more and I will update this post with them.

'The hunt continues'


PC World

Game Station
Game Play
John Lewis


Wii Console Site Checker
Another Wii Checker

Do not assume that the Wii Checkers are the best option, they are good but need to be updated when someone knows they are in stock.

Just add all the link to a folder in Firefox (I suppose IE7 does same now) and open ALL in tabs. Check the lot and often.


If you not only looking online, then it looks like Asda wil be getting new stocks this weekend. They will go pretty quick (obviously!), but worth a check if you're near one.


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Great work but I think the problem with ordering online is that people might not be able to get their hands on it before Christmas. Hunting around shops is by far the best way now:(


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Have you bagged one?
I got one from GAME on Sunday. They were selling off uncollected Pre-Sale orders, so I got my girlfriend to que at one GAME whilst I qued at another. She got lucky.:smashin: Unlike other GAME Stores she didn't have to buy a £400+ bundle. I thought that was bit off.

Now I'm trying to get a hold of one for a mate.:D If I am honest I think I like the chase.:rolleyes:


Just checked saying they have stock,so i just ordered....worth checking out....:)


Just a follow up to this; obviously when stock disappears in 30 seconds, we can't confirm that it's not a blip on the supplier site, email out alerts etc.

I'm not sure about the other stock checker sites, but for, we don't manually update the site. The back-end is checking the store stock levels directly, so if a store flags the product as in stock, our page will update themselves. We also have between 1 and 3 people constantly workign on things and therefore trying to make sure that everything is working!

Obviously if stock is in and out within seconds then that's different!

Currently our auto-update time is anywhere between 5 mins and 10 mins, depending on the store and likelyhood of them getting stock in (ie. the Wii and HD DVD stock trackers are getting updated more frequently as they are coming in and out of stock more quickly).

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