Nintendo wii availability. Please read before posting!

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Hi all,

As we all know the wii is due to launch on the 8th and there are plenty of disgruntled people on here at the moment so can i please ask you to do the following when posting as it will save the forum from being clogged up full of duplicate posts etc.

1: Any wii related pre order/purchase etc can you try and post it in the relevant thread! IE Amazon, HMV, Game etc.

2: Please try to refrain from a vast amount of posts like "Mine hasnt arrived" "I hate [insert company name here]" and so on.

3: If you wish to express an opinion please have a search on the forum first to see if there is already a suitable thread open for it. If not then by all means start a new one.

4: Any pointless posts will be deleted/closed straight away!

5: Good luck to all of you in your search and i hope your deliveries/searches etc bring some joy!
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