Nintendo is launching a Super Mario handheld game console for $50 this fall


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Super Mario Bros turns 35 this year, and Nintendo is introducing a bunch of new products to celebrate… including a handheld game console with the game pre-installed.

The new Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is modeled after Nintendo’s first handhelds, which were single-game device released in the 1980s before the Game Boy was introduced. But the new model has a color display and more advanced graphics.

It also has a few bonus games pre-installed. "



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I pre-ordered for nostalgia and is now out of stock on Nintendo site! amazon says pre-order now to.


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The price is too high for a game that can be played on any smartphone. I don't think it will gain much attention.

they could print toilet paper with marios face and it'd sell out.


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As someone who is a Game&Watch collector, got to have this. Hope the scalpers don't get in the way. I just wonder if they can save games. It is tough to finish all levels on the go. It is frustrating having to restart from first level each time.


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Mine has been dispatched, whether to keep in box or play!


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I heard there is a way to get infinite life on this device. Has anyone figure it out?
No but I have seen pics of someone saying it's been hacked already
I think they said there was little memory in it so probably can't add more games like the other retro consoles.
I haven't even taken mine out the box, not sure if I'm going to now!


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Well, I figure it out.
At the screen where you select one player or 2 player game. Hold the A button for 5 seconds.
Then you will get infinite lives.
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I'm a bit too young to have played on a Game & Watch during my childhood so it wouldn't have a nostalgia feel for me if I get one. The games aren't that great either, I've played Super Mario Bros. a ton of times already and Ball is only about who gets the highest score.
So I won't get my hands on one of those but for collectors or nostalgia fans it seems a pretty nice addition.


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I got a question for those of you who own the device. When the device is turned off while charging, there is no indicator to show whether it is charging or when it is fully charged. Is that the same with yours?

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