Nintendo are truly innovators


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Apparently Sony had to pay Nintendo huge amounts of royalties because the 'Playstation' name belonged to Nintendo. Don't know if that's true or not, but I remember reading it online somewhere (so it must be true! :rolleyes: )


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Yup, playstation was originally a joint project between Nintendo and sony


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and it was nintendo who designed the controller for the psx


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To be honest most consoles have had the ability to go online (especially in Japan) since the early 80's. The first console to get online capability was actually the Atari VCS 2600 I believe. The Gameline modem was released in 1983 by the eventual founder of American online (AOL) just as the console martet of the time was in huge decline. It therefore failed but Nintendo went on to create the Famicom network in Japan which was more successful. Obviously in the UK we are always far behind technology wise and we did not have access to any of these networks. So whilst the online aspect of gaming has only really become popular over the last 5-10 years through PC gaming it has been around (to some degree at least) since the birth of gaming itself. The last couple of years have seen the market obviously expand further with console gamers now in on the act through the Dreamcast and more successfully the PS2 and X-Box.


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The story you refer to was actually a story in the inquirer stating that Nintendo was paying Sony 10% royalties for the name Playstation. This story seems to have been a hoax. Infact the original collaboration between Sony and Nintendo for an add on CD-Rom drive for the SNES seems to have been called the Super Disc and the SuperCD at times in it's development. It then seems that Nintendo and Sony both went off the idea especially after seeing the poor success of the Sega Mega CD. Sony then went on to develop the project into the Playstation in 1991 (which was a stand alone machine that was compatable with SNES carts) but only a few of these were ever released in Japan. They ditched this alltogether and developed the idea further into the Playstation X in 1994 which became known as the Playstation or PSX. The rest as they say is history!

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