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Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by snake II, Aug 20, 2002.

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    After many emails to nintendo of america, i actually sent an email to them as a nintendo fan club magazine editor, and i finally got a reply of what i was looking for, and i thought you lot would also like to hear what they said.

    Actually, I believe the figure is more like 37.8%, so Nintendo has a good interest in Rare. With all the speculation abound, hopefully Rare will have an official announcement soon on the matter.

    Now, there are other ways to bypass our investment in Rare, if they feel the need to go multi-platform. One solution is to divide Rare into smaller companies and another is to do something similar to what Square, which is partly owned by Sony, did in order to develop titles for Nintendo systems. By founding an independent affiliate, the Stampers (Rare's majority owners) could develop games for the PlayStation2 and Xbox without employing Nintendo's resources.

    Although our relationship with Rare has not changed, perhaps they'll shed some light on the subject. Check out their official web site ( for all the latest Rare news!

    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Stephen Scott''
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    It certainly is possible since I believe a subsidy of Rare could almost command a publisher of their choice with their track record. Last I've heard is that they are talking with Acclaim about a possible publishing deal.

    I can see why certain Rare members would want to leave but now the Gamecube is more of an open Nintendo console then ever. I understand that Rare were also not too happy with the first revision of the Gamecube's specs during development as well. Either way I don't mind if Rare do go multiplatform since more companies do need to make a bigger stance on fresh games and Rare could be one of them.

    If they do go multi-platform (and I'm sure they will) then good luck to them. It can only be good for the industry as a whole.

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