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May 19, 2002
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There u have it folks the title say it for it self. Nitendo have cut off ties with rare and sold all of it shares to microsoft. From what i knoe nintendo had the chance to buy rare last year but refused, for some odd reason and now nintendo sold all it shares to microsoft.
nintendo rep did have one thing to say head to or to see what he/she said and boy it shows that nintendo were not please with how rare produced games, probably why they never bought the company when they had the chance
oh well i never played a perfect dark for the n64 i really did want to then i thought forget it ill get it for the cube, but times have changed, no mater ill still stick to the best nintendo then my playstation.
It doesn't matter in the slightest that RARE are now with Microsoft. Microsoft need them more than Nintendo do but IMO RARE haven't produced a good game in many many years now. Most of the original members that made their best game (Goldeneye) left the company a long time ago. Also, Nintendo still own the rights to most of the character's in Rare's other games, i.e., Nintendo own Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Starfox, Banjo etc. but I'm not sure if they own the Perfect Dark franchise?
Originally posted by groundy
but I'm not sure if they own the Perfect Dark franchise?

I hope they do, just imagine Retro Studios (Metroid Prime) making Perfect Dark, man that would be sweet.

I was ****ed at first but, rare take 2 - 3 years to make a game, as if Microsoft will let that happen all their games from now on will be rushed and will be nothing like their Nintendo classics
So what will happen to the current GC and GBA games in production?
Starfox Adventures GC will be released on schedule although reports are coming in that it's not very good.
Its really weird to here Nintendo owners slate Rare two months ago they could do no wrong Rare produced 5 of the top 10 most acclaimed n64 games and saved that machine from a very early demise when Goldeneye was launched people were queuing round the block at most game stores it was the same for PDark donkey kong , Diddy kong (better than Mario kart 64 IMO)banjo 1 +2 and even Conkers when the 64 was at the end Nintendo should thank RARE because they were still releasing quality software when Nintendo lost all there balls and just milked that cash cow known as pokemon and as for Nintendo’s comments regarding the profit from rare games during the last financial year its hard to make money from a dead console (64).

(must learn punctuation)

Left Field have just gone multi format as well the big N should try being a little nicer to developers and publishers instead of there usual bullish tactics
Nobody here is slating Rare - I agree they single handedly saved the N64. I also think Nintendo basing it's justification on profit margins just doesn't add up. Nevertheless, I felt RARE dried up a long time ago. For me, Goldeneye was and still is one of the best games ever produced. Apart from that, I enjoyed Banjo 1, Diddy Kong Racing, Conker and Jet Force Gemini. Donkey Kong was tedious and Banjo Tooie was just plain dire. Perfect Dark was nothing special either so I can't say I was hanging out for a sequel. Offcouse I expect RARE will still make some very good games, which I look forward to because I also own an XBOX.

I think the Gamecube can do without more Banjo games, more Conker games, more Perfect Dark games etc. etc.
I am not having a go at anyone directly I also own all three of the next gen consoles (4 if you include the DC I just love that machine Ikaruga is ace)so it will not affect me either way it is just that 3 months ago you could not open a nintendo mag or hit a nintendo website without there being massive previews on most of the new rare games (kameo SF sabrewulf etc.) and now everyone is quick to label them as has beens because for one reason or another they have chosen to work with microsoft hopefully this will see them regain the perfection that was shown with goldeneye but on a much bigger level (32 player over X-Box live pls.) Nintendo do need rare products as well as a number of other games developers because the general public still consider quantity over quality as a valid arguement when buying a console.

I want the gamecube to do well because right now my life is on hold thanks to Mario sunshine, Monkey ball 2 (GC) interspersed with games of Dead to rights, Buffy(X-Box) and Ikaruga(DC).
The deal was done some time ago mind but I agree with Groundy. Rare hasn't made a killer app for quite some time now and a lot if not all of the core members of the G/Eye and Perfect Dark team have left to form Free Radicals and Zoonami.

The Perfect Dark will be owned by Rare since they developed the character and not Nintendo. Same goes for Conker, JFG, KI, etc etc. As for the comments by JamesOD... I didn't know any Nintendo owners singing the praise of Rare 2 months ago... Hell I haven't heard many sing after GoldenEye. I don't think anyone can disagree that Rare certainly helped out the N64 but that was then. I never touch any official mags at all because all of them (and I don't care what anyone says) because they are biased and would often take a bung for a game to get higher scores. I would rather get my sources from multi-platform mags and sites than one dedicated to one platform alone.

Kameo I have never been too impressed with nor any other announced Rare releases because for me the big games were elsewhere - Metroid, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil etc.

Its a loss I'm sure but the departure of key members really killed off Rare as a company IMO. It had grown too big, too soon and is a victim of its own success. With the cash injection from Microsoft though I expect things to turn very positive indeed. Even though many core developers have left I'm sure the name can attract a fresh new talent and that can only be good for the videogame industry. If theres anyone that can bring new ideas into the mix like Nintendo, Sega and Treasure (DAMN I want Sin and Punishment >_<) then its Rare. I just hope they can really deliver and show that the company won't go down in history in making one great FPS and nothing more...

As for Ikaruga, I'm holding out for the worldwide version on the GC to be released with extra bonus material. I'll settle for the US version and I can't wait until its released. I've also heard about a possible PS2 release of Dodonpachi and if thats true then we will be playing two of the best shooters ever made... Can't forget about Radiant Silvergun too!
Originally posted by groundy
Starfox Adventures GC will be released on schedule although reports are coming in that it's not very good.

I have to disagree. Starfox Adventures looks very good to me and after reading previews of the game at e3 etc, it sounds a lot like zelda, which is great.

I know that a Japanese gaming magazine (Famitsu ?) has reviewed it and it was fairly average but the game isn't aimed at them and they don't really catch on to non-japanese themed games.

On the Rare situation im not too bothered. Rare hasn't made a high selling game since Banjo Kazooie/Goldeneye and Nintendo don't really need their games anymore.

If Microsoft has indeed bought them (its not confirmed yet) then personally i think Nintendo have made a good deal. It won't change the fact that the x box is a relative flop in Europe/Japan and having Rare develop games for them won't turn the x box into some sort of world beater.
It's amazing there must be a default response posted on some GC forum Re. the Rare issue, GC fanboys are copy/pasting it all over the shop.

It goes something like this;

Even if the rumours are true (they're not actually confirmed are they!?) Rare games aren't that good anyway, infact they're pretty mediocre.

Give it a rest boys, can you really not afford an Xbox?
Dom H, why are you even commenting on this thread? Surely with your magnificent X-box and all it's amazing gameplay you would not have time to read this forum?

Leave it to the GC players, who have to buy a game every 10mins to keep us playing those short, shallow cutesy kids games.
We can afford an Xbox but then this is about Rare... Can anyone name a top selling game by Rare in the last 2 years?


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