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Seeing as Durera has done this in the 360 Games section, I suppose it makes sense to have a PS3 version so here goes.


So how do you feel about Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

Please! As a courtesy to others; avoid posting any spoilers in your reviews.

A 10 should only be given for a landmark game that sets new rules, a 9 for a truly excellent game without flaw, and an average game that does things right but nothing special should get a 5 (not a 7 or 8 like some would have you believe).

With thanks for Durera for providing the format (makes sense to keep it consistent across AVF).


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7 from me.

NGS is good - really good and old school hard. But there are some faults. The camera can be frustrating at times plus some of the graphics are ropey in places (due to it being a port) but on the whole it's a cracking experience if you like this type of game.

A veritable classic on the XBox that loses something during the transfer to PS3 but still without a doubt a quality experience.

The fighting system is surprisingly in-depth (you won't get far with button mashing) with some cool moves and combos. However, there have been moments when I've wanted to fling the controller though my tv screen (fortunately I'm a bit old these days!).

The sound is typical Tecmo fare; nothing special but enough to get the job done.

Overall I thought the game was well worth the £32.99 delivered from Movie Tyme.

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