Nikon USA Warranty in the UK


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Anyone have any experience of purchasing Nikon camera equipment in the USA and bringing back to the UK? Need to purchase some equipment out in the US while on a business trip, but concerned about it not being covered when I get back. Done some research on the dpreview forums, and the general understanding is that Nikon will only provide a worldwide warranty on non digital equipment, e.g. film cameras and lenses.



30 seconds of research. Looks like you're OK on certain items.

Nikon UK - Manufacturer's Warranty

FWIW, why not just buy from OSD and have their RTB warranty? It's as makes no difference anyway in terms of warranty and you'll likely get it cheaper unless you order from and have delivery to your address in the USA. Cross-check pricing.

It appears (like Sigma (UK)) that unless you can provide a UK VAT or European reciept that they won't honour a USA warranty.
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