Nikon P7800 or Olympus Stylus 1S - or something else altogether?

In my circumstances would you go for the Nikon P7800 or the Olympus Stylus 1S.... or something else?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I'm sorry for posting the kind of 'which is best thread' that I'm sure can become a little tiring! The trouble is, I've spent literally 8 hours comparing cameras and reading reviews and still can't decide what to go for.

I currently have a Canon 100D but despite it's small size for a DSLR, I find I simply don't use it very often. When I go out, I rarely can be bothered to take a large camera and lens out with me and certainly don't want to take several lenses and have the hassle of having to change lenses regularly.

I'm also not a fan of doing post-editing, so I often find myself shooting in jpg or doing one big mass conversion. All of this makes it sound like I'm not in to photography at all but I still like to have a decent camera that I can play around with a bit.

Anyway, long story short I've decided to sell my 100D and all the accessories and downgrade to something smaller and simpler.

I've looked at CSCs but because you still have the different lenses to mess about with, I don't think they are right for me.

Most bridge cameras seem too large and wouldn't be much smaller or lighter than my 100D so they don't seem like a good choice either. But then, most compact cameras seem to be lacking the features or quality that I'm looking for.

What's important to me? Image quality obviously and decent ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed ranges are definitely up there although I'm still very much an amateur so they aren't massive deal breakers. Same with resolution - obviously I prefer a bigger one but I doubt even a 12MP would give me any real negatives. I think I would like a viewfinder although, again, I reckon I could get used to not having one. Price isn't too much of an issue but would prefer to keep it under £500. Zoom is quite important to me, I've seen compacts going up to 720mm which is tempting but then I also wonder when I would ever use that much zoom and the stability issues that would come with it so anything around 200-300mm would probably do the job.

The two I've narrowed it down to are the Nikon P7800 and the Olympus Stylus 1S - both seem to be around the spec and price I would want and both seem to sit on the fringes between being a compact and being a bridge camera giving me features and quality at a size that still (more or less!) fits in my pocket.

Anyone have any thoughts on which would be the best choice given my requirements? Or, is there an alternative you would buy instead?

I also considered the Sony HX-90V compact too - it's still under consideration but I figured I was probably sacrificing some quality just to get a zoom that I'll probably never use to it's full potential.

Really undecided so any views welcome!

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