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Nikon D70s at a good price?

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by Oddbodd, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Oddbodd

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    Apr 7, 2002
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    Sunny Tyneside :)
    Hi all, I've been doing my usual when I "get into things", I have scoured the net for the best price I could find for a DA70s+lens kit (what I originally had my heart set on) and I found this
    http://www.ukdigital.co.uk/nikon_d70s_1870_lens.htm , if any one is just looking for a body I found this http://www.microglobe.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=126_215_226&products_id=1837 and for the standard lens I found this http://www.parkcameras.com/ (search for Nikon lens)
    I think it's a good price?, having read and agreed with what Seany said about dealing in person I phoned my local Jessops to see if they would price match which they would once I had given them the web address (I only asked about the kit though) to double check.
    As it turns out I didn't buy it as I nabbed a 20D on fleabay today for a decent price, (I had looked at them but they were out of my budget :( ) so I am one happy bunny :thumbsup:
    I couldn't find anyone discounting the 20D, well maybe a few quid here and there but no bargains so I opted for a used one (only a couple of weeks old though) with standard lens. I hope this info. might save someone a few quid if they are looking to treat themselves ;)

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