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Hello all....

I have just got in after going out to have some fun light painting, great fun. I also decided to have a go at star trails, so after reading a tutorial guide on here and getting some advice from a TP member i thought here we go. wasnt keen on doing the star stacks but its easiest and best option apparently.

So before i went i had a look at how to take pictures for a set time, went on youtube and tried google and thought i knew what i was doing.

So i set my camera up on tripod and pointed it at the north star, camera settings:
f4 ISO800 and shutter speed 30s
WB is sunny
single shot
and plenty of battery

then i went into the menu, shooting and down to interval timer shooting:
start time was now
interval 00:00:02
select intervals x no of shots
207 x 1 =207

i went and sat in the car and i could here the camera just snapping away, then it stopped. I went to check and it had finished but had only taken 15 shots.

Checked the settings again, checked the interval timing settings again and tried again.... same thing.
So i tried youtube for help, which it seems i had. tried again and the same thing.

Can anyone help? its probably me


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Was the shutter speed 1/30 seconds? I was a bit confused as I read it as a 30 second shutter and a 2 second interval but then on a second read realise it may be 1/30s.

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