Nikon Capture NX - thw best option?


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Nov 15, 2004
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I am likely to purchase a Nikon D80 in the near future - subject to actually getting my hands on one to see if it feels right. I will be using the RAW option when shooting at least some of the time and although Nikon Capture NX seems the obvious candidate for working with RAW files from the D80 I would be quite happy to try something other than that if there is a better option. Any suggestions?


I bought the Capture NX and Elements 5 for my D80 Nef (Raw) files.
I find I am using the NX nearly all the time now.
I think these are the only options for D80 Nef unless you go for the full CS.

Be aware that they both need plug-ins to be downloaded to recognise the D80 which is a minor pain.

Cheapest place for NX is Onestop-Digital (around £80) and cheapest for Elements5 disc only is ebay (around £25)
In my admittedly limited experience, despite attempts by the likes of Adobe to create monolithic one-stop show applications/suites, there always seems to be another app that has a cool widget that you find indispensible.

As I mentioned in another thread, I use a Paint Shop Pro/NX combo. I've nothing against Photoshop, it's just that I'm used to my antique PSP7 -it does what I want, so I've never jumped ship.

NX is hugely useful to Nikon Shooters, as it allows you to select your camera setting 'off camera' - things like colour mode, saturation, sharpening, white balance etc. I'm also finding that I can fix light,colour,noise and sharpening in NX too, with normally better results than PSP. I now use PSP primarily for touchup work and borders (no clone brush in NX..Boooo!!!). It's also better for resizing and cropping, as NX is painfully slow on my PC.

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