Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED VR Lens

Hi all.
Thinking of getting one of the subject lens.
Could anyone explain what the 'G' means?
I understand the rest, just the G!

TIA Andy
Thanks Mike, nice one.

Bit odd mind, as my 18-55 kit lens and 55-200 VR doesn't have an aperture ring, and there's no G in those!!!

Thanks again for the help.


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Bit odd mind, as my 18-55 kit lens and 55-200 VR doesn't have an aperture ring, and there's no G in those!!!

My 18-55 kit lens says G on it (in the gold lettering), don't have the 55-200VR but I suspect it will say G on the lens as well. They don't always quote the full code in the literature as it becomes an alphabet soup. :eek:

I would love to get the 70-300VR for the VR, but finances say stick with my Sigma 70-300 APO and use a tripod :rolleyes:

Ooh, just noticed my kit 18-55 DOES have the gold G :oops:
as does the 55-200 VR!!!



Cheers for the advice all, and cheers Fozzy for the examples (nice username btw...!!!)


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am quite amazed by those shots... had been considering a longer lens and was looking at the 2.8 options (cheaper 80-200 nikon and 70-200 sigma not the 70-200vr) but will now have to give this lens some serious consideration.

Thanks for the sample shots.


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also, does anyone have any shots taken with this lens in low light situations. Am interested to see how the VR compares with a wider aperture.

Doing the math, a cropped 300mm lens needs ideally about 1/500th to ensure no camera shake. VR gains you about 3-4 stops, so that pulls it back to 1/60th. If your subject is stationary/slow moving (eg bird on branch), VR is going to be amazingly useful. However, if your subject is fast moving (eg sports, or bird in flight), you're going to need 1/500th or more anyway, so the VR is far less useful than say f2.8


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What Yandros Said :D

If you want to freeze fast moving action in low light then you need a faster wider aperture this isn't what VR is there to replace. If you just want low light/long focal length hand holding ability then VR does this very well.
If you have a steady hand you can get keepers and 300mm and 1/30th if the subject is still.

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