Nikon 5300 & 3300 lens question


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Hi all,

I'm interested to get into photography. I've been having a look round here, online and various magazines on some suggestions for a first time DSLR and am interested in the 5300 or 3300. What are people's thought's on lens should I go with the 18—55mm vrII lens which comes with it or should I go body only and look for something else (any suggestions)

Probably going to be used to take pics when out and about for stuff like landscapes, buildings, and in the garden I also go to a lot of car & bike shows & meets mostly stuff parked up but some times at the track so a bit of zoom maybe helpful.

Any advice would be great. Thanks


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I'd just start with the kit lens and see how you get on and then maybe upgrade later once you see what focal length you are using most


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As Jim says, the kit lenses don't tend to add a lot to the cost of a kit and so you won't lose too much when you sell it on if and when you upgrade. They don't give the best image quality, and aren't the best in low light but it should give you a feel for it, and then you can look at investing in better lenses at a later date.

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