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Nikon 10-24 or Sigma 10-20 quandary


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So I have an upcoming holiday in Wales this month and feel it's the ideal time to scratch the itch I have for a wide zoom.

I can get the Sigma for around £330 with the Nikon weighing in at around £530.

Initially my thoughts were, just go with the Sigma as it's a no brainer for the saving.

But the more I ponder it, the Nikon's extra 4mm at the long end will make it more useable day-to-day, it's a little faster over the zoom range and, arguably optically a bit better than the Sigma.

Not sure it equates to £200 in benefits, but the Nikon also holds it's value better, so it's not all lost.

Any thoughts either way or alternative suggestions I may have missed?


£50 per mm ? even on APS-C it's only 6mm - be sensible - get the siggie and take a step back - great lens :D
What body? If you have an in built motor have a look at the Tokina 12-24mm, it's cheaper than the Nikon and sharper than the Sigma.

It's the best UWA lens I've ever owned.


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Alas I only have a D3100 so no in body motor.

I hear you Jim, put like that it does seem like quite a premium. I'll have to experiment with my other lenses between 20-24 to see just how much use the extra range on the Nikon might be.


...I was going to suggest that :)


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Trust me the Nikon is not worth the extra money, you won't miss the 4mm.
I owned both before moving to FF and the Sigma is a bargain for what it is, especially 2nd hand. Sure all lenses have faults and you can nitpick, but seriously, get a good quality sharp 2nd hand copy and you'll be happy as Larry, and he's a very happy chap!


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Cheers Sarg0r, as it happens I'm watching a couple on TP now. Yes I've also discounted the Nikon now, after playing around I don't think the diff in range will affect me.


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Have you considered the Tokina 11-16mm UWA. Pretty good lens with built in motor to focus. It's a well respected lens. F-Stop of 2.8 so low light landscape photography will not be a challenge.
The range is not much but it's a good lens for landscapes, nightscapes etc.


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